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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can anyone view my ESI info?
Answer: No, this is limited to Corp and to people applying to a corp.

Question: Who has access to the Database?
Answer: Only me. Not part of any big alliance, and I would rather build an awesome site then risk it by screwing people over.

Question: Self Hosting Availabe?
Answer: Yes. When people stop asking me to add stuff, I'll make a video on this.

Question: Is it open source?
Answer: No.

Question: Will it be open source?
Answer: When I no longer wish to or am able to support it.

Question: What can I see in the database?
Answer: Not a whole lot. I only store limited information. Mostly public info that can be accessed with out your esi or info I need to have to make things run faster, like skills for checking fittings. Other than that, Info is pulled cached and then dumped.

Question: Does it work for an entire alliance?
Answer: No, this would be a huge undertaking in code changes. However, I made it a Patreon goal, so once we hit that number I will do it, just like the Discord Bot.

Question: How often is it updated?
Answer: All the time, if its suddenly slow or not responding, im pushing an update.

Question: Why do people say your stealing info?
Answer: People suck? Or they want something, like for it to be open source and when they don't get their way, they spread lies and misinformation.

What is Eve-HR?

Eve-HR is a third party application for Eve Online that is designed to help you run your corporation. You are able to view your members Esi information allowing you to keep an eye out for spies. Looking to track recruitment and have a way to view applicants Esi? Eve-HR has the power. It also can do:

  • Ore Buyback
  • Check if members can fly ship fits
  • Logistics
  • External Links
  • Corp Recruitment Ads
  • Corp Loyalty Points
  • Alert Members By SMS or Email
  • Bulletins
  • And Moreā€¦

Here is a video explaining recuitment.

Eve-HR is constantly evolving, just like Eve. The best way to stay up to date with changes and future projects is by reading the Patreon page.

Patreon Supporters!

If you do not see your name on here, please respond to my PM on Patreon.

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  • kisoonkim
  • Marrowbone
  • Einar Borghildr
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  • Xert
  • Husker Admin
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  • Sunch

Thank you!

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Eve-HR Info

Who is the Creator?

My name is Ascorbic and I have played Eve-Online since 2003. I started Eve-HR a little over a year ago as a side project. Over time, users came to me and asked if I could have add functionality to Eve-HR. My current list of planned additions is huge, for example: Discord Integration, Ship Replacement Program, Alliance Integration, Fleet Ops Management and more.

If you have any questions, or need help please connect to our Discord:
Eve-Hr Discord If you want to see sneak peaks at what I am currently working on, check out Discord or Patreon. Both places sometimes get screen shots and descriptions of current projects. I always listen to feedback and take opinions into account. So feel free to tell me what you think, even if you hate something, I want to know.


If you experience an issue or problem with Eve-HR please get on the Eve-HR discord and enter your issue into the support channel.

Eve-Hr Discord

Ascorbic or one of the many helpful current users will assist you.

What's next for Eve-HR

Eve-hr has a long list of future project. If you are interest in finding out what is currently in developement you can go to my blog.

Eve-Hr Blog

I often talk about my progress and list patch notes. You can also follow progress of project on trello:

Eve-Hr Trello

I do my best to keep my progress update on Trello. If you want to see something on my list that you don't see, let me know on Discord.