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- 30P Recruitment team

Application Form
30 Plus Corporation is a part of Goonswarm, on a scale of one to ten how offended are you by that? (This question isn't serious).
We have a strategic pap requirement of 4 per month, this means that every month, you must attend that a minimum of 4 fleets listed as strategic in the alliance ping. Will this be a problem?
Mumble is the choice of VoIP that we use and we work hard to keep it family friendly. You WILL be called out by us for breaking this rule, is that a problem? (you will also likely be mocked).
Mumble is mandatory, we value the social interaction over all else, will that be an issue for you?
Discussing politics, religion, how gay someone is/isn't/should be will likely get you told to shut up, can you handle that?
Why do you want to join 30 Plus? Think about what you type here, answers like "because you guys are just awesome" aren't enough. We value our social community above all else and the people we invite are expected to uphold that mindset. We want to know what you think.