Evolved Space

Evolved SpaceNew Corporation Looking for Active/Social, New and Experienced pilots. Main goals is to have fun, Meeting new people, Making Friends, Working together, Helping fellow Mates, Open for Ideas, Grow as a family. Starting in High Sec, Want to Move Base of Operations once we have numbers to Establish a place. Remember Real Life Comes First. Welcome to join Discord, Hang out, Get to know your CEO. Thank You and Fly Safe..o7

What we can offer you?

- Active Social Corporation 

- Real Life Comes First

- Great Mining And Gas Resources 

- PvP/PvE

- Exploration 

- WormHole Life

What do we expect from you?

- Have a working Mic and able to hope into Comms

- Respect all Fellow Members 

- Don't Be a Dick

- Being Helpful to others

- Have Fun 

Contact : Sp3cIeS

Recruiting Channel : Evolved Space 

Discord : https://discord.gg/QuBm8j6