Fitting Tool

What Can Your members fly?
  • Import your ingame fits at a click of a button.
  • The tool will reference skills of users that have logged into eve-hr.

Logistics Module

Logistics Orders

  • Members can place orders to be completed by your logistics department.
  • They can track their order and see the total estimated price of the order.
  • Users can use Eve's MultiBuy tool to create a list of items, and export and paste into eve-hr.

Logistics Settings
  • Grant users access to haulers interface.
  • Logistics Settings include Settings Prices for:
    • Price Per High Sec System
    • Price Per Low Sec System
    • Price Per Null Sec System
    • Price Per M3
    • Tax Rate (Tax Goes To Hauler)
    • Point Value for each completed logistics order
    • Refining works properly for all corporations.

Logistics Hauler UI
  • Your logistics team will have an interface where they can accept and complete orders.
  • They can view the items list and use the Copy To Clipboard tool to enter the items into Eve's MultiBuy Tool.

Sell To Corp

Sell Items
  • Confirm or Reject orders, view the orders items and the tax collected.
  • Users are provided with the price, and can submit the order to your corp via contracts.
  • Allows you to quickly confirm the items in the contract and accept for the correct price.

Build Your Price Tool

Sell Items
  • Create your own custom price formula.
  • Apply the market up you want to get prices from.
  • Now you will get accurate prices for your market hub.

Corp LP Store

Points For Users

  • Corp members ratting or mining can earn points to spend in your store.
  • Assign the tax amount paid to point value.
  • Can run daily to tally points for your members.
  • Members can use points to get rewards, or jus their name at the top of the leader board.


Name Amount
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James $5

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