Space Dildos

Welcome to our recruitment page!

We are currently recruiting for exploration, mining/industry, pve (missioning/ratting/site running). We also dabble in pvp, mostly small gang ambush type style.

We are currently based in high sec with nearby low sec. We are not a war declarable corp because we do not own any structures. However, we have access to local moons for mining, an ice anomaly that spawns every 4 hours, there is a freeport Azbel in the system over from us that we are also free to use.

We provide ore buy back at 90% Jita buy price.

We also provide exploration loot buyback at 90% Jita buy price.

We provide Orca boosting and ship programs for new bros.

We are also looking for a few older players to help fill our leadership roles and support overall operations.

Any questions feel free to join us on our discord:

Or join our in game recruitment channel: DildosRecruit

Please put something about yourself or what you're in game interests are in the text box below.

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