Rational Chaos Inc.

Rationally Chaotic

We don't make sense here.

Rational Chaos Inc. (RCI.) is a member of the Brave Collective. Orignially started in 2011, RCI has recently become active again after a break for a couple years, and is looking for more like minded individuals.

Feel free to hop on our Public Discord
Please direct any recruitment or general questions to: Morgaine Mighthammer, Phear Vyna, and Ultimate-Pilot Destiny

Make sure you have your alts added before applying.
Application Form
How long have you been playing EVE?
What is your favorite ship or ship type?
Can you or any of your alts fly any capitals? If so, which ones?
Can you fly any T1 Battleships? If so, which ones? If not, how far off are you from being able to fly them?
Why did you choose to apply to RCI?
At RCI we have two simple rules: Don't be a dick, and have fun. Do you agree to follow these rules?
What's your favorite pizza topping?
What is your aim/direction in eve?
What ship classes do you like to specialize in?