Monkey Empire Industries

Null Corp -T5- Indy corpĀ 

Under Warped Alliance and part of Legacy Coalition, we are based in Period BasisĀ 

Requirements to join
- must have a min of 2 million Skill Points
- must have head set / mic
- will be flying in null so wallet and income has to be stable, (you will lose ships)

we are EU and US TZ

CEO - Loki Aleris
Director - Bossman Chastot /FUBAR MCL

Application Form
How many alts do you have?
How do you make Isk, E.G Mining, PI, Explo Etc ?
How long have you played Eve?
Any long absents taken, reason why, IE RL got in way or fell out with old corp?
How active are you as a player, couple times a day/ how many hrs?
Why are you looking for new corp/ want to leave old?
What ships do you mostly fly in fleets, tackle/ logi Etc?
Link Z-board please

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