Unity of Suns


Unity Of Suns?

Unity of Suns is one of the oldest corps in Warped Intentions, and we’re looking for new blood to join us in Catch, Immensea & Tenerifis.

We’re looking for team players, who might pew/mine/rat/run exploration sites who are willing to defend their home pocket when the time comes.

We offer regular moon mining operations, and plenty of space to utilise to it’s maximum. We also have several veteran players in the corp, so if you are new to the game, we can help you find your feet and your place amongst the stars.

As part of Legacy coalition, there's always the opportunity for PVP, both small scale and large fleet fights.

We have a Corp discord channel, as well as an alliance one.

There's also the Legacy discord, if you’re into weird memes and pictures of lizards.


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