Silver Guardians

Welcome to Silver Guardians

CEO: Kraftus Amaral 

CO-CEO: Jyn Sendo


Combat Director: Vladimir Czar

Industry Director: GD CORP


We are Silver Guardians, Once based out of Alkez and now a proud member of Pandemic Horde. The Corporation was created with the purpose of enjoying our time in EVE, having as much fun as we can, and striving to be the best we can be.

We welcome active pilots who have a good attitude, are team players, and have the desire & ability to learn. 

Some of the benefits available now:

* Solo / Corp / Alliance / bloc Warfare

* Alliance SRP (Ship Replacement Program)

* Corp-provided logistics for next to nothing (Alliance also provides JF/transit service)

* If you are new to EVE, we can help you get started on the right track and offer advice / answer any questions you may have.

* Free / Cheap skillbooks 

* Corp logistics & Freighter services 

Public Channel: Silvers

Info / FAQ:

- Primarily EU and US TZ, a few Aussies

- Focus: PvP & Indy

- Minimum participation ('pap') required each month; real life obviously comes first, so let leadership know if you will be AFK (corporation membership is pruned monthly to maintain an active player base)

- Monthly bonus ISK payouts to each member who goes above and beyond normal activity levels! 

- Alliance-run SRP program; Corporation & Alliance freighter services

- Recruitment referral program


No Alphas as your main, use of Mumble and Discord, maintain monthly activity requirements (Indy alts welcome)


1. Complete application

2. Speak with a recruiter in this channel to complete application

Thanks for stopping by! 

Application Form
Please list your alt accounts / characters (also add them to your application to provide your EVE ESI tokens)
What times of the day/week do you normally play?
What game actives do you enjoy now or would like top learn: (Solo PVP, Fleet PVP, Small Gang Roams, Mining, Scanning/Probing, Ratting, Subcap Building, Capital Building, Other)
Have you removed all old Third Party Applications for ALL of your characters from the following link ( ) ?
Why do you wish to join -SLVR?