The Kingforge Organization

Welcome to The Kingforge Organization's recruitment page!

We're a new player focused organization trying to do something that's been somewhat lost in the age of massive "newbie" corporations, be able to offer a small group experience, where new players can get hands-on help from members with experience across the breadth of New Eden and build a genuine community together.

What we can offer:

- PvP fleets designed for beginners, with a low barrier of entry and robust SRP to fund your bloodlust

- Knowledgeable and dedicated leadership

- Access to Hi Sec moon, ore and ice mining with yield boosting fleets

- Corporate buyback and procurement services

- The flexibility to pursue our own interests in the sandbox without 14 hour CTA fleets and an overlord's agenda to serve

What we ask:

- Have a pulse and a willingness to learn

- Be able to hear and be heard on comms if you want to do group PvP or PvE

- Be a respectful member of the team.

As a part of joining our community, you'll be asked to provide access to some basic information about your character, in order to provide some security checks and to know a bit about where our new members are at in the game, and how to help them move forward. We may not be involved in nullsec and all the spy games that can come with it, but we'd still like to have an idea who our members are. None of this gives us any access to your account! 

Application Form
What are some areas of the game you find interesting (small / large scale pvp, exploration, industry, etc)?
What previous experiences do you have in New Eden?

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