Deadly Shadow Clan

We are Deadly Shadow Clan,

As a corp we have been around since 2010, where we have been both introducing new and veteran players to our "unique" way of playing.

We have been through all walks of EvE life, from High Sec warfare, to some of the biggest fights in Null Sec - and everything in between. Because of this we have a lot to offer in the way of experience, and we are willing to share it with those willing to learn it! 

We offer a friendly, mature, community driven environment to anyone. From fresh out of tutorial to experienced carrier pilot; to join our band of brothers. Otherwise known as a babbling bumbling band of buffoons.

We offer all of you:
* A relaxed and humour filled environment.  * Regular PvP from small gang to fleet.
* Free reign to follow whichever path you choose to follow to make ISK.
* And much more!

All we ask in return, is Loyalty, Respect and A willingness to contribute to shenanigans.
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