Rageaholics Inc.

Welcome to the Rageaholic Inc. Recruitment page.

We are looking for members interested in PvE and industry to make lots of isk during their stay with us. We currently rent system with INIT. and will soon have an entire system to rat and mine to your hearts content!

What we require:

>Full ESI

>You must be able to sustain yourself

>>10m SP

>Adherence to the rental terms

Perks of our space :

>Dead end system with high industry and military index

>High efficiency reprocessing and manufacturing plants.

>A decently seeded market with most things you will need.

>Jump Gate network to get you around space.

If you are interested in flying with us, apply below!

Application Form
How many Skill points do you have?
How long have you been playing EVE?
Are you capable of sustaining yourself with PvE or industry?
What TZ do you mostly play in?
Briefly explain your corporation history.

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