Heavy Caliber.

Key points that our corporation provides:

★Secure Access to Null Sec
★Major high sec operation
★Part of a major Null sec coalition
★Experienced Leadership
★Mining Fleets with Bonuses
★Ore buybacks Program
★PvP/Low-sec/Null Sec roams with a ship replacement program
★Experienced players who are willing to show the newer player around.
★Teaching fleets
★Group Mission running & Ratting
Application Form
What is your In Game Name?
How many alt characters do you have?
How did you hear about us?
What is your timezone?
Can you be on team speak while playing eve?
Are you willing to train into fleet doctrines?
Can you fly any capital ships?
Can you fly T2 Logi?
Can you fly T2 Triage?

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