Ashfell Celestial Equilibrium


Are Looking for a solid corp that can help you achieve your goals in eve?

Then look no further....

- Are an experienced and friendly group of bears that care!
- Are generally a Low Sec & NON-AGGRESSIVE corporation.
- Particularly frown upon those who pick on the weak and defenseless.
- Create great environments for established High and lo sec players to progress into.
- Are an anti-pirate & Anti-scam corporation
- We respect the priority of real life

What does ACE focus on?
Large Scale Industrial Production / PVE content / Wormhole Operations / Low Sec & Null Sec PVP Operations / Supportive Mining Operations / Triglavian Runs

What does ACE seek?

Friendly PVErs, PVPers of all skill levels, Those in industry, Site Runners, Market Tycoons, Explorers
If you are tired of politics, backstabs, and looking for fun and good community that's relaxed and fun come and check us out.
Join the  --ACE channel to get started!
Application Form
Not counting any breaks, how much time have you spent as a pilot in New Eden?
Do you prefer to roam with others, or to roam solo? Elaborate.
If you are Alpha, are you interested in becoming Omega?
If you are Omega and aren't PLEXing your account, would you like to be?
What do you like the most about EVE (what keeps you coming back)?
Once you've accepted your application, what do you want to do when you're online with us?