This is an industry focused corporation with some secondary ad-hoc PvE activities.

-          Weekly mass manufacturing project for item/ship of the week with good profit margins.

-          Preferably looking for enthusiastic players new and old, alpha and omega who play for at least 7 hours a week.

-      You are encouraged to sign up on https://eve-hr.com/ for a more user-friendly update on the latest and greatest.

-      Discord is ad-hoc and can be set up as needed between fleet members.

-          We have a functioning stock market, so grind and vest for those corporation shares.

-          We are living in a rented NPC station for now to avoid wardecs and fuel block management, being a new corp and all.

-          We are still in early recruitment, meaning while we are set in terms of structure, we are not operational until we have at least five members.

-          You can sign up for any of these departments as your primary and then have a secondary department as well if needed:

o   Suppliers: Ore and ice mining, planetary industry, supplying moon materials, salvage, and gas harvesting

o   Logistics: Haul, haul and haul

o   Science and Engineering: BPO ME & TE research, BPC generation and T2/T3 BP inventions, Running reactions, Manufacturing intermediate and final components from materials supplied by the suppliers.

o   Intelligence and Research: Exploring Wormholes for ice, ore, gas, data and relic sites, hacking those sites, supplying data cores and T3 relics  

o   Security (This is only a secondary department and its free for all): Fight rats, sleepers, run PvE encounters, and protect miners and haulers from ganks and griefers.

When sending in an application, just include the following details:

-          How long you’ve been playing.

-          Your intended primary department.

-          (Optional) A secondary department.

-          (Optional) Any specialization within your departments you want to focus on.

Application Form
How long have you been playing eve
What are your department(s) of choice (2 max)?

Logistics: Hauling

Science and Engineering: BP Invention, manufacturing, research, reactions

Supplier: Mine, harvest, planet colonies

Intelligence: Explore WHs, hack data and relic sites, map out rich areas for suppliers


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