Ashfell Celestial Enlistment


Looking for a solid corp that can help you achieve your goals in eve? 
look no further....

Who we are:
- A friendly group with a rich history and ton of experience in every aspect of the game.
- A wardec free group of friendly corporations.
- Generally a Null Sec & NON AGGRESSIVE corporation. 
- Great environment for new players to progress from.

 --ACE  focuses on :                             --ACE seeks:
- Large Scale Industrial Production       - PVP players
- Wormhole Operations                         - PVE Runners
- PVP roams                                          - Industrialists
- Enjoying EVE                                     - Miners & more!

If you are tired of politics, backstabs, and looking for fun and good community that's relaxed and fun come and check us out
Join the  --ACE channel to get started!

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