Astral Acquisitions Inc.

Welcome to Astral Acquisitions Inc!
We pride ourselves on being a community, active in many timezones, that is here to help you get better at the game, and find what you are looking for.

Some things that you can find here?
•Active playerbase - USTZ. EUTZ, and even a bit of AUTZ. Usual numbers are 10+ at minimum
•PvE Content - We provide mission running fleets, help with and in abyssals, ratting
•Mining - With Astral, we have multiple mining fleets per day with boosts and compression. There are opportunities for ice, moons, regular, and gas mining
•Industry - Access to facilities to make items, and some blueprint copies to get you started.
•PvP - As a bare mminimum, we offer at least one PVP fleet activity per week. 
•A focus on having the most fun, not the most isk
•We understand that reallife is a bigger priority than a game. If you need to walk away during an activity, there is no punishment or reprimand.

•••• All of the activities we offer are optional. Do not feel that you are obligated to participate in things you do not find fun••••

Sounds like we might be a good place for you? Start with joining us on discord at https://discord.gg/3xPBvtZXrK  or applying at eve-hr.com/Astral

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