Baron Industries LLC

Welcome to the Baron Industries LLC Recruitment page, here we will explain the basics of what it means to join our Corporation. I hope you find the time to read this and understand the content there in as you might be asked questions on it later. Now onto the description!

1: We run on a motto, the motto is, "Real Life Com's First." Pretty much simple and self explanatory. If you can't make an op, or an event, because of something IRL, we understand and wont hold it against you.

2: We are primarily Industrial, that however does not mean we can't defend ourselves. We accept PVP pilots as security and defenders of our assets. We even conduct the random roam into Null/Low/WH space just to see how long we can survive. 

3: While we are small and fairly limited, we do plan to expand in the future. We hope to some day obtain our own Sov space or be part of a larger group that permits us to own our space. Plans are ever changing and nothing at this time is set in stone.

We hope you will join us and become part of something that is building and will someday expand to become remembered and never forgotten. The thing about Eve is that the space is forever changing, adapting, and adjusting. We can put ourselves in the forefront if we work hard towards it and keep ahead of the intel that comes out to public knowledge. 

Baron Redwolfe

Baron Industries LLC CEO

Drifting Sleeper Alliance Executor

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