Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse

Bene Gesserit Chapterhouse

        The Bene Gesserit Chapterhouse was founded in 2006. Our corp vision is to provide a great Eve experience to it's members by maintaining a stable, efficiently managed corporation that fosters a strong sense of comradeship, within which a community of mature players from all time zones unite to pursue excellence and achieve their personal and collective objectives while having fun.? Our main mission is to strengthen the corporation by sustainable and balanced industrial and military growth.

        We value communication and respect above all else. We believe it's important to help new members learn, improve and develop in a friendly and supportive environment. We encourage members to step up and take the lead in corporation activities. We expect our leaders to demonstrate fairness and transparency, and to appreciate that objectives and expectations must be adjusted when necessary. We fully accept that real life takes precedence over any virtual universe.

Why you should join us?    

        Bene Gesserit Chapterhouse is a proud member of the Curatores Vertatis Alliance (CVA) while continuing our 0.0 existence and build on our knowledge and experience while following a few key values and ideals that are important to us:

- We want to provide a great EVE experience to our members.
- We believe in stability, leadership efficiency, comradeship, maturity, fun.
- We value communication, respect, and tolerance.
- We expect fairness and transparency from the leadership.
- We wish to create a friendly and supportive environment.
- We encourage people to step up and take the lead in corporation activities.
- We think real life takes precedence over on line gaming.

In term of objectives, we want to play a part in the 0.0 high end game as members of a coalition that respect us. In term of RoE, we have a pragmatic NRDS approach. We are looking for members that complement our strengths and share our values.

Please contact us in our public channel "BGC Public" for further information and learn more about our activities and benefits for the members.

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