Black Hole Drifters

Black Hole Drifters.

A corporation founded on humble goals is looking to recruit like minded pilots. We were forged out of the falling out of a corporation. We wanted to run things the right way, and thus, The Drifters were reincarnated. Drifters was founded back in 2010 and has gone through many different aspects of the game. After it’s reincarnation early this year, we have dived into WH space, the corp at its core is made up of veteran players with a diverse experience in every aspect of the game.

We are a growing alliance that encourages all walks of life in eve. However, we are very interested in people willing to live in wormhole space. Looking for players with PVP experience and FC experience is a plus.

Please join our in game chat channel, “BHD public” and have a chat with us.

What we offer and look for - 20,000,000 Skill Point Minimum PVP
Indy Pilots No Minimum SP

Wormhole content. PVP and PVE.
C3, C4, and C5 content.
Access to player structures. These include Refining and manufacturing. As well as access to blueprints.
Buy back program for all ores in any security space.
Item Purchasing program.
Fleets every weekend for pvp and pve.
A chance to grow into roles that you would like.
A great community.

For more details, please join our Public channel (BHD Public) and have a talk with a recruiter about all the little details.

Hope to hear for you.
The Drifters

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