Battle Kats

Battle Kats is an 18+ English speaking corporation. Our ambition is NullSec, there's a-lot for us to do in order to get there... but we shall! To accomplish our goals we need people like you!

Communist MemeOcracy: "kAHm-yuh-nist mEEm-/Ocracy/" A system of EVE Online Corporate policies which heralds the idea of a socially cohesive member base. This form of governance promotes the corporation as being Communist, but by definition and the nature of corporations in EVE... it is a meme. As such a Communist MemeOcracy is not actually Communist but uses the iconography and terms of a Communist Oligarchy. In short this system is one where individuals are valued by upper leadership as people and not as numbers hence the visual culture and terminology is based on that of the late Soviet Union.

Application Form
Are you over the age of 18?
On a scale of 1-10 (1 being "Horrible" and 10 being "Excellent"), how proficient are you in PvP? (not including FC skills)
How many characters do you currently own? (even if you don't have access to them)
Have you ever lived in Wormhole space or in NullSec (0 Security Space)?
How many days a week do you normally like to play EVE?
Do you have any experience as a Fleet Commander?
Do you have any problems with maintaining a voice comms presence while logged into EVE?
What is your overall ambition in EVE?
What is your preferred method of acquiring ISK?
Are you ok with living in LowSec?
We are a PvP focused corporation (but how you make ISK is your own business), are you ok with this?
What kind of person would you call yourself? (Examples:Calm, Rational, Funny, Punny, Crazy, Fanatical for the Communist MemeOcracy)
Do YOU have any questions?
What is your honest opinion of this application? (We're always trying to make things better!)

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