Bedlams Consensual Nightmare Legion

 Bedlams Consensual Nightmare Legion

We are Part of Lord Of Worlds Alliance.

Out of the Ashes of a bad psychotic breakdown, electric shock therapy and a whole host of medications. A group of capsuleers came together to found "Bedlams Consensual Nightmare Legion" Our aim to show just how far down the rabbit hole or in this case how far through the black hole, a group can go, and still remain functional. We are not afraid of a Fight, we are not Afraid of Anything

We do not give ground, we do not surrender, and we definitely eat Bacon!

Where do we operate: mostly in Null Sec but also in HighSec and LowSec, we have affiliated feeder corps in High Sec

Do Not Apply if you are one of the following:

What are we always looking for: 


We have no formal requirements regarding skill points however you will require the following

Most importantly the ability to follow this instruction register at and register there. Not anywhere else. Remember the corp you are applying for. No other way is accepted now, due to spies and wardecs. More information about us is available here.

Application Form
What is your favourite role in eve online?
Where did you hear about Us?
What is your timezone?
Are you prepared to train to our Corporate and Alliance Doctrine fleets?
Are you a Spy?
Can you use both Discord and Mumble?
Is a pod the best way to travel to Thera?