Black Aces

Black Aces a legacy corp that has withstood the test of time. Come be apart of the team that has been around since the beginning of eve back in 2003. We pride our selves in our rich history from the humble start of learning the harsh ways of this truly amazing game to becoming, an elite PVP corporation in one of the best PVP 0.0 Alliances out there today.

Our Home

We live in Delve, one of the busiest and most productive 0.0 regions of EVE, where things never stop moving. With Lowsec right next door, NPC 0.0 close by, deep and safe 0.0 for industry, and Querious being a fight club, you’ll never be bored.

Who We Are

Black Aces is a member corp of Goonswarm, and we pride our selves on being expert small to medium gang warfare specialists, we find new ways to combat this for ever changing game, be it Sov wise, fleet wise. Or just player based. We pride our selves in having a unique family like environment, where each pilot is respected and treated as equals.

What We Are Looking For

-Minimum 15 million skill points
-Mature, self-sufficient, and works well with other members for a common goal
-Having at least 2 characters, ( 1 main + 1 Alt )
-Active, willing to join in wide range of PVP ( who doesn’t like blowing things up)
-Active mic + on Teamspeak when online
-We are a Multi-Timezone group, with people from all over, but a lot of activity in the USTZ and one of the few active AUTZ groups out there

Black Aces | Corporation 272

In-game Channel-
Black Aces Recruitment

Come give us a look, and you will see we aren’t just talk! Join the fun and experienced team and enjoy eve like it was intended!

Application Form
What is your preferred role of ship to fly? You can pick several if you cant decide on one
What are you looking to get out of a Corp in Eve Online?
What uncommon skill do you have that you think you're better at than most people?
What are your available Timezones? (In General)

US East - 22:00-03:00

US West - 01:00-06:00

Oceania/Hawaii - 04:00-09:00

Australian/Japanese - 08:00-11:00

China - 10:00-15:00

Russian/Eastern Europe - 15:00-20:00

Western Europe - 18:00-23:00

What is your Preferred Timezone

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