Worm swarm is older corporation,We value members input and we always decide as a group.Of course majority wins and we expect members to follow majority decision even if you voted No this is a group we decide as group period. Currently we are looking too reform a strong core group. We prefer over 20M Sp players with cloaking and such skills.

  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Indy
  • WH diving
  • Mining

We try too be versatile and encourage members play there style game, But of Course we also expect all members participate in events and also defense of assets. We will Try too run various events operations per month once establish a Solid core group. We do require Security checks also too do what can protect members from theft and all around Douche bag type players. We want Players to enjoy game and we do not Awox and any other type things which can ruin a players experience in Eve, We strive too have active and enjoyable play for all. So if sounds interesting or questions please no in game messages please use our corp chat @ HKWS.

We appreciate time for reading and even if don’t join we wish all enjoyable Eve time thank you.


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