Certified Assholes

We are a newly formed and growing USTZ C4 WH PVP focused corp in the alliance Pretenders. We regularly run both PVP and high/low end PVE fleets, and are setup for industry and moon mining. There is no SP or experience requirements for joining, and we are inclusive to everyone and can provide content for players at all skill levels!
We require: 18+, discord voice chat, pathfinder use, willingness to learn wh bookmarking procedures/train into at least 1 doctrine ship, and an ESI check.

Stop by https://discord.gg/FeNp6mJ and have a chat with us if your interested in joining or learning more about our group! We conduct a one time voice interview for applicants. 
Application Form
Are you 18+?
Are you comfortable and able to be on discord voice comms when in chain?
Are you comfortable posting frequent intel when applicable or willing to learn?

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