Take it Cheesy


Welcome to Take it Cheesy, the corp built around teamwork, puns and most importantly cheese!

We are a brand new corporation and we want you! Currently based out of Hi-Sec whilst we grow, we are looking to explore all areas of the game with the early focus being industry and small fleet PVP. Take it Cheesy was formed with the hope of making a comms active friendly group that has awesome teamwork and helps new players! If you want to help a new corporation form and to pull together to make something new then come talk to us.

What we want:

- Comms active friendly people (You don't have to be on comms all the time)
- People of all experience levels
- Treat others with respect
- We do accept Alpha accounts but we suggest Omega longrun
- 18+ Mature cheeses only
- An appreciation for cheese

What we offer:

- We offer regular fleets with Orca bonuses for mining fleets
- Ships and Equipment for new players
- Small fleet PVP roams (We will provide small ships for this)
- Good teamwork in a fun atmosphere
- Comms active
- EU/US Timezones, hoping to get more
- Currently in Hi-Sec Caldari space and we can help you move

We are a new corp and if you want come build with us then contact a recruiter or join the discord to meet us! You won't find a feta corp!

Discord: https://discord.gg/jvCy53ad7t
Application Form
What is your favorite type of cheese?
When are you most active?
What are your favorite in game activites?
After being stranded on an island for 3 months only eating bananas. What would be your first meal be upon the cruise ship that rescued you?
Does pineapple belong on pizza?
Which of these best describes you?


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Take it Cheesy


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