Chatelain Auxiliary Response

Chatelain Auxiliary Response (CHTAR) was founded in mid YC 120 to provide auxiliary logistical and intelligence services to the private military contractor Chatelain Rapid Response (CHTRR). Its client base has since grown and diversified to include a range of capsuleer and non-capsuleer organisations (see Partners). In addition to supporting its clients with reconnaissance, logistics and force multiplication services, CHTAR’s strategic focus is centered on bridging the border between the communities of Placid and the Intaki Syndicate.

CHTAR is now actively recruiting pilots for the first time, prompted by the award of a contract by Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive I-RED to register and administer the Intaki-Business Logistics Union I-BLU. I-BLU is mandated to promote the economic development of the JQV5-9 constellation in Intaki Syndicate space.

The growth of I-BLU has allowed CHTAR to develop a well equipped industrial hub in JQV5-9 and provides our pilots with opportunities to participate in a greatly expanded variety of fleet operations with I-RED and our other ‘SynCo’ partners. We think this development represents an exciting opportunity to offer a wider group of pilots.

Applicants should expect:

  • to have access to a well developed ecosystem of physical, economic and intelligence infrastructure while remaining part of a small organisation where good collegial relations come first;
  • to be encouraged (but not required) to:
    • take on responsibility for organising projects for themselves and fellow members to participate in;
    • foster existing and develop new client relationships;
    • collaborate with other I-BLU members and help lead the development of the alliance;
    • participate in combat operations both as part of small patrol gangs and larger ‘SynCo’ fleets;
    • develop a personal niche or specialist role within the corporation;
  • total autonomy within the bounds of:
    • conducting themselves in a manner which supports CHTAR’s clients and strategic objective; and 
    • selecting targets with respect for the very limited list of corporate and alliance level standings
  • to be comfortable operating (but not  *necessarily*  participating) in a largely in-character environment


  • Auriga Menkalinan
  • Vellenja Naaru

I-BLU Discord


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