Space Cowboys Inc.

About- Space Cowboys Inc. is a small startup that wants to grow and fill a production chain for Minmatar FW. There are huge numbers of ships being blown up in FW. All those replacement ships need modules to fit. Thats were we come in. We make the modules that help blow up amarrian ships and keep Minmatar pilots safe.

Long term Goal- be the number 1 supplier of modules to [FLEET]. Suppling as many as possible for contracts, doctrines, and handouts.
Short term goals- expand BPO library, investigate reactions, expand corp benefits.
Culture- Isk is necessary in Eve. Everything you do should produce profit. If your numbers aren't in the black a mistake has happened. Reach out to me and i will help in any way possible. I do not make anything from running the corp. Everything we do boils down to getting as much profit from FW as possible while saving [FLEET] Isk as well.

Who we want:
Builders- make the modules
Logistics- move the products, collect rewards
Traders- buy the meta modules we can't build, resources, etc. use Logistics to get them to locations, sell for profit
Miners/PI- while there are better corp options in [BUILD] for miners we would be happy to have you if you choose. [Black Sky Inc.] has boost/compression mining ops frequently and are open to alliance members. T2 production requires PI materials, having members producing this locally saves on Logistics for both parties.
Alphas- We would love to have you while you are exploring industry. However, due to production restrictions on alpha accounts, alphas will be removed from corp after 30 days. Some exemptions apply. There is plenty you can do in this game as an alpha, however production/industry is extremely limited.

What you get:
-Protection: being allied with FLEET we are in a unique situation with access to a large pvp alliance. This means no mandatory pvp'ing, and a large force deterrent.
-Corp resources- BPO library, knowledge of leadership, loaner ships, and corp skill plans
-Alliance resources: multiple industry rigged stations, a larger player base to meet and befriend, Logistics, max skill reprocessing, an even larger BPO library, several POCOs for PI, etc.
-Guaranteed buyers of your goods with large volumes needed. You won't keep up.
-All transactions will be handled by contracts for better protection for all parties.
-All taxes go towards corp programs (srp, buyback, loaner ships, etc.)

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