Catskull Cartel

Think Catskull Cartel....in space.

Who are we?

The Catskull Cartel is the home of Captain Benzie. We offer a community of mature, friendly and helpful players, willing to answer any questions about the game and help guide you towards what you enjoy doing. Whether you work solo, or in a group; whether you enjoy ratting or mining; whether you're a builder of ships or a destroyer of our enemies, Catskull has a place for you.

What do we offer?

The Catskull Cartel offers its members a wide variety of content ranging from simple mining activities, be it solo or in a fleet with boosters, to PvE activities such as teaching you how to optimize your mission-running ships and taking you in fleets with our more experienced players to obliterate some of those illegally-settled pirate dens around New Eden. We offer you a place to grow and become what you desire the most in New Eden. Want to become a mining conglomerate? No problem, we'll guide you through all of the specifics and help you get there! Want to become a fleet commander and lead your own fleet into a pirate den to get some of that sweet, sweet loot? Catskull has you covered! Our experienced Fleet Commanders will show you the ropes and teach you everything you'll need to know to get started! 

So are we just carebears?

Certainly not! Right now we are based in a high-security system and the PvP possibilities are much lower than we would like, but we are planning to move into Null in the near future and we will provide ALOT of PvP content for our members as well. Are you interested in kicking butt and collecting kill-marks on your profile? Catskull will help guide you through the skills and fittings required for each of the ships you would like to fly, and we even have set up a Doctrine program where we give YOU ships to go out and destroy our enemies! 


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