Duckzer Mining Corporation

Duckzer Mining Corporation is recruiting miners and PVP focused players. We operate mostly out of the USTZ with some EU members as well.

We are located in Detorid as a proud member of Razor Alliance. We offer great space to mine and rat. Also plenty of good FCs that take roams out frequently.

We require that you are willing to form to defend our space, train to our doctrine, and be on Teamspeak3 when you are out and active. We have afk channels if you don’t feel like taking in the dank banter.

We all get along great with each other and love chopping it up on comms while out mining. We have good moons and hassle free payment system for mining with a full disclosure on payouts.

We subscribe to the belief of being combat engineers. We mine, build, and shoot on the daily. 

DCKZ offers the following benefits:

- Escalation Assistance, Reprocessing Service, and guidance.
- 10% corp tax on bounties  
- 0% corp tax on ore/ice refining, industry, & R&D
- Ice/Ore buy back 
- Moon/Ice mining fleets
- SRP program

If you are interested stop by our in game recruitment channel, Duckzer Recruitment, and give us a shout. Ooooor...Join us in Discord at https://discord.gg/UngqAC2

Application Form
If leaving a Corp, why are you wanting to leave that Corp and join up with DCKZ?
Are you ok with running both TeamSpeak3 and Discord to gather all necessary information?
What are you wanting to get out of the Corp?
How many alts will be joining you? (Make sure they are all connected to you applying main.)

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