The Demon has awoken and is looking for active members of all walks of life. PVP, industry, mining, trading, We do it all. DDSA is a multipurpose Industrial/PVP Corp, so when the situation arises we are all here to protect our follow members and everybody affiliated with us.

-DDSA- is a Newbie friendly USTZ based corp that will help new players and those coming back to EVE alike.

If you have any questions about us, please contact Bdeath118 in-game or join us on our Discord recruitment channel and talk to one of our recruiters.

We primarily run mining ops as of now, and are looking for miners to fleet with us. If you are already in a corp, but interested in mining with us, just contact us We are always willing to work other corps or pilots to mine and fly with.

Present Goals of the Corporation:

1) Increase Active member count.

2) Development of combat, industrial, mining, and research abilities.

3) Development of internal infrastructure to support members.

4) Provide support and knowledge for anything we can to any members we have!


1) Real life comes first.

2) Senior members will mentor others on the world and mechanics of EVE.

3) Members should do their best to assist other members when requested.

4) Members are expected to be courteous and civilized in their behavior towards all, and to interact with other members.

5) We value people who demonstrate initiative.

6) But above all others Ingame "Your Word Means Everything"

Basic Rules:

1) Be Able and Willing to use Comms (Discord is our Corp comms of choice)

2) Be 18+. (if you believe yourself to be mature but under 18+, you are free to apply but let us know up front)

3) ) Be willing to listen and learn

Ultimately we are here to have fun and to help each other out. The point of our corporation is to use our knowledge and assets to assist members and even other corporations on the achievement of goals. Our primary areas of focus are mining, missions. We do desire to develop all career areas: combat (NPC, PVP), mining, trade, manufacture, research, missions, WH.

Contact Bdeath118 for more info about us or to join.

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