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Welcome to Drop Bears Club Recruitment

Hello and thanks for looking at this recruitment page.
Drop Bears Club is part of a Highsec PvP Alliance (MSF) that specialises in War Decs, Small and medium fleets, and Black Ops in the AUTZ.

We offer:
1/ PvP roaming fleets to Low, Null and WH.
2/ Structure Bashes.
3/ Black Ops Drops.
4/ SRP on certain fleets.
5/ Small blue list.

What we are looking for:
1/ A working mic and headphones for fleets.
2/ Have Discord.
3/ Omega and Alpha pilots are accepted.
4/ ESI checks will be done.
5/ Self-Sufficient.
6/ Have a sense of humour and don’t get offended easy, we are aussie after all.

Application Form