Drop Bears Club

Welcome to Drop Bears Club Recruitment

Hello and thanks for looking at this recruitment page.
Drop Bears Club is part of a Highsec PvP Alliance (MSF) that specialises in War Decs, Small and medium fleets, and Black Ops in the AUTZ.

We offer:
1/ PvP roaming fleets to Low, Null and WH.
2/ Structure Bashes.
3/ Black Ops Drops.
4/ SRP on certain fleets.
5/ Small blue list.

What we are looking for:
1/ A working mic and headphones for fleets.
2/ Have Discord.
3/ Omega and Alpha pilots are accepted.
4/ ESI checks will be done.
5/ Self-Sufficient.
6/ Have a sense of humour and don’t get offended easy, we are aussie after all.

Application Form
What brought you to us
Why are you leaving your previous Corp
What are your expectation with in
Can you fly any of these Doctrine Ships

Leshak (Alliance Doctrine)

Nestor (Alliance Doctrine)

Dominix (Alliance Doctrine)

Vedmak (Alliance Doctrine)

Armour Logi

Bomber, with Covert Cloak (any Race)

Do you have the magic 14 trained to completion?

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