Empire Assault Corp


Empire Assault Corp [EAK], executor of Dead Terrorists is a long-established and long-historied PvP corp. We have been more or less hibernating for a while, but are gently awakening from our slumbers …

… we are looking for players, new and old, to join us in our WH to pew, make Isk (if you want) and banter in a relaxed atmosphere.

What you will find is a bunch of Vets in a C3 WH with NS static generally running ops looking for kills in null sec. Citadels to live in with plenty of scope for Isk-making from PvE sites, PI and Industry. Plenty of scope for PvP roaming through WH chains or null. Plenty of expertise to learn from and plenty of advice to be had (sometimes regardless of whether you want it or not ) on our TS3 comms. Awesome SRP for stuff blown up on Corp ops.

Key thing is having fun in a relaxed atmosphere - we’ve all had our fill of alarm clock ops and daily CTAs - we all really just want to log in, shoot stuff and chat

So, what are we looking for?

Omega Account with Full API
Decent mic and on comms (TS3)
No specific SP limit, but you need to be able to scan and you’ll want to be able to fly a fully T2 fit T3C to get the best out of the WH PvE sites and our roaming fleets
Probably EU TZ - we’re not dogmatic, but this is when most of our stuff happens

If you’re interested drop an app and/or join EAKFOREVER and we get back to you for an initial chat.


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