Ethereal Morality

We are a long range mining and salvage corporation.

Ship Requirements:

Need to be able to fly 1 of Redeemer, Panther, Sin, Widow, Marshal


Need to be able to fly 1 of: Logi Legion, Neut Legion, Beam Legion

Need to be able to fly 1: Any bomber

Need to be able to fly 1: Anti-Cap Revelation/Naglfar

If you feel like you can make up for deficiencies in any of the above requirements and still wish to apply, post your recruitment thread and contact a recruiter directly via in-game or Discord PM

General Requirements:

  • ~75 million skill points

  • Jump Calibration 5

  • Proficient understanding of game mechanics

  • Ability to listen, comprehend and speak English proficiently over Discord with a non-shitty microphone

  • Be active! But real life will always come first, and we play many other games together, so breaks are perfectly ok and needed to prevent Eve burnout

  • You need to give full ESI tokens for all accounts held and a discord

  • You must be self-sufficient with ISK. We do not run any organized form of PvE content as a corp. Some opportunities present themselves through weekly fuckery fleets, but we do not run sites as a group regularly. We do conduct many handout fleets.

  • Come along on some NPSI drops and get a feel for the crew and friends

  • We support Alliance fleets weekly, not because we’re forced to but because we enjoy the content and supporting the team

Strong Recommendations:

  • The ability to dual box useful characters in fleets

  • The ability to d-scan proficiently

  • Experience flying support ships when requested (HIC, Recons, Logi, etc.)

  • Additional useful characters such as Sabre alts

    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sSwmzfBF

Application Form
Do you have any alts? names?
What time zone are you most active?
How much SP do you currently have?
How did you find our Corp?
Where have you flown before?
If it's Lucian's birthday, what do you tell him?

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