White Fang Militia

Be More Wolf!

White Fang Militia, the home of the craziest pilots in New Eden, want you!
We live in nullsec & welcome pilots of all backgrounds, whether it be mainline DPS, EWAR, logi, scanner, miner, industrialist, or newbies wanting to find out where their interests lie.
We offer classes & tutoring in PvP & PvE, ISK making opportunities & the best community around &, as part of one of the major power blocs, space to grow & have fun. And butter, never forget the butter.
All we ask in return is that you are active in our community, have a microphone & take part in at least one PvP or PvE fleet per month (perfect for the casual player & virtually impossible to not do if you log in). We also value maturity, patience, humour and teamwork. Skill points come with time, but a good attitude is priceless.
Alpha clone players of every race are very welcome, minimum of 2 weeks old (Eve is a hell of a game to get into, so we'll give you a chance to work out if it's for you)
If the above sounds like your kind of internet spaceship game, talk to us at https://discord.gg/JqH3pvZ.

See you in the black!

Clyde en Marland - CEO
Application Form
Why do you want to leave your current corporation?
Do you understand that you must be on voice comms at all times? (AFK channel is acceptable if busy)
How often are you online?
What are you in-game interests?
Do you have a headset, or mic & speakers?

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