Golden Claw Associates

Who are we?
    Golden Claw Associates was founded by a strong and motivated core of players willing to invest time in Eve Online. Elected CEO, Rendall Flakk, had as first task to build a strong leadership team to make sure the corporation would never have to depend on one person. Now that the team is in place, we are working to provide content to members to keep them motivated and intesrested in the game. In this regard, moving our activities to WH or Null space will be considered in the near futur. However, before making our move, we want to establish a strong pvp group within our corporation. Our goal is to growth and to conquer a part of space we can call home. Are you in for the adventure?

What do we offer?

  • Weekly PvP Roams and access to experienced FC (WH and Null)
  • Ore Buy Back Program and Mining Fleet
  • Abyss fleet (T1-T4)
  • SRP
  • Strong leadership team
  • Dedicated team looking to provide content for our members
  • Server Discord
  • A helping hand towards new players
Golden Claw Associates

Why joining us?  
    Being part of something greater than oneself. If you want isk without contributing to the group, we aren't the corporation for you. This corporation is for those aiming at becoming an elite force in Eve Online, which can't be done on your own. For this endeavour, we will need dedicated miners that will help us build the ships needed to vanquish our enemies. Losses are inevitable, but with a strong industry we will be able to replace what will be loss and become a force to be reckoned with. We will need members who want to farm ''rats'' for their isk, but that can stop everything they do in order to protect one of us. 

What if you want to talk to us first?
   You can join us on discord if you have questions : Discord
   Or you can join our in-game channel and ask us questions there : "Golden Claws PR"

How to apply?
     Click on the link below to start the process

In the end, what's expected of me?
  • Being able to log on discord
  • To contribute positively to the group
  • Apply via Eve-HR
Application Form
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