Grand Exploration Industries

Grand Exploration Industries

We are recruiting one and all! We are a High-Sec corporation with a focus on mining, industry, and mission running. 

We are a newbro friendly corporation with a new pilot program to get anyone up and mining or mission running to start making that sweet, sweet isk.

We offer:

- Mining fleets with Orca boosts and relaxed banter in discord

- A variety of random activities both in game and out of game (virtual board game night anyone?)

- Ore buyback program at 90% Jita value, just store your ore/ice in one of our home systems and make us a contract and bada bing, bada boom you get rich!

- Transport services for moving your stuff to our locations(Hi-sec only at this time)

- Solid management - we share the wealth, not extort or scheme it!

- 5% tax (if you are in an NPC corp this is immensely better!)

We are looking for industrialists, miners and combat pilots who:

- Want to learn

- Enjoy mining

- Do planetary interaction(like near passive isk income)

- Fly logistics

- Exploration

- Fly ships

- Are alive

- Play the game

- Want to have fun

- Love tacos

- Will submit to our one, true leader, Ragnar Khema

- Are interested in FCing

We operate in all time zones but the majority will be in US/EU time zones (some of us don't sleep so we overlap)


- No drama / mature people!

- Willingness to help you grow to achieve your goals!

- We will help you make safe isk!

- Low risk isk opportunities from mining, to pve incursions and abyss running

- We focus on fun!

Join “Gei Help” public channel to have a chat! 

Message me or one of our in game recruiters “Sunny-Wu”, “Warrick Novakan”, “Lyaeos” “Udanari”


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