Grimm Hounds


GriMM Hounds is looking for new blood to join in the fray. Small Gang 0.0 PvP USTZ corp. SONS of BANE is a EU & US TZ Alliance . S0B has an establish base of operations in the region of Syndicate. We have been around for over 14 yrs and enjoy small gang PvP. The alliance is diverse therefore we are also accepting EU and AU TZ pilots as well.

What we offer:

  • Small-Gang PvP

  • Profitable Industrial opportunities

  • SRP Program for Alliance ops

  • Multiple Time Zone support

  • Training for New-Bros (No SP Requirement)

What we require:

  • To have access to a mic and headset. (Discord)

  • To be an Active Player

  • To have a good attitude & the ability to use Teamwork

  • To participate in a quick screening for ticks. (Crabs will be overlooked)

Contact is:


Public Channel:

Grimm Public

Application Form
What time zone do you live in? (PST/MT/CST/EST, Etc...)
What time zone do you normally play in? (EvE time)
Overall what are you looking for in EVE?
What intrests you the most? (PvP/PvE/Industrial) "its ok to list multiple, only please list them in order of which you do most."
Do you prefer the Han "Solo" type of engagement or A boy and his "blob" type of play?
What are the ships you most enjoy flying? (list multiple if needed)
How do you normally make your isk?
Can you FC? .....if yes, would you consider FCing?
Can you pilot capitals? if yes... what caps?
Do you play other games?
Lastly, Would you be willing to submit nudes?

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