Harlan's World

Welcome to Harlan’s World Recruitment Page

We are a High Sec Corp WarDec Free, that runs Story Arc’s, Missions, Incursions, And mining operations. We are relatively new and in early stages of becoming the next Alpha and Omega friendly Alliance, training can be offered to those who need it and supplied with ships and modules to get started. Our CEO SteveTh3Piirate has flown in every industry the game has to offer since 2009. If you feel lost, burnt out or even lonely, Harlan’s World will offer a home, no stress and care free life, if this sounds good to you hit the apply now and a clone will be ready for you to occupy.

What We Offer

Zero Tolerance to Toxicity





SRP (Ship Replacement Program)


No Drama

Access to a WH for PI/Sites

PVP As You See Fit


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