Hardcore Ironman Eve

This Corporation is going to be playing Eve the hard way.

-Any new player that wishes to join can join with a character with 1m SP referral codes, but no earlier than March 17th 2020 for character creation

-The reasoning for the above rule is this corporation won't be trading with any other corporation and will be entirely self-sufficient in the production of goods and ships. This means we can only trade with NPC's for BPO's and ISK can only be generated from ratting and missions

-The only thing allowed with that rule said with interacting with other people outside the Corporation are player-owned stations to lessen the burden of researching and reprocessing at a higher rate until we have our own stations.

For starting we chose Caldari space for access to the most researchers available to us. For tier 2 invention.

- Currently, the Home system is in Perimeter; for the access of lowsec nearby for ore needed for progress. We will slowly go more into null-sec or wormhole space as we gain a foothold. Plans to expand to high-sec islands after we get caracal's and decent midtier ships.

Got the first two caracal's built tonight and fitted without rigs but a much needed DPS increase has been made.

After 14 days we are nearly at our first cruiser from our BPO getting made and after that we will be moving to a more permanent home




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