Wormhole Surfers of Eve


**Thank you for your interest in Wormhole Surfers of EVE**

We are a  wormhole corp that lives in C2 wormhole that is looking for mature pilots who can help us expand and grow.  If you're the type of pilot who tends to always have a probe scanner and a set of probes equipped or available on every ship you fly, then we may be what you're looking for.  The CEO has been living in wormhole space after the second week of playing EVE. We are open to new and old pilots alike with at least 2 million sp and with cove ops trained. Our philosophy is RL before EVE.

Are you the type of player, who looks for adventure, takes the fight when you find it, even when you know it's bait?  Are you the type that takes and leaves as little salt as possible?  Do you like to explore, manufacture or pi until your hand cramps up?  Look no further, you've found your new home!

The corporation focus in eve is:

- Exploration

- Small group PVP

- PVE to include exploration sites, combat sites, and Abyssal sites and just about anything else offered in EVE to make isk.

All time zones are welcome, however we are currently are mostly US time zones with some EUTZ and AUTZ and are looking to further expand..

You can apply to join the at http://eve-hr.com/HSFRS

As a corporation we currently provide the following:

- C2 Wormhole home with an HS and C4 static

- Alliance/Corp  Discord server

- Galaxy Finder mapping of the wormhole "chain"

- PI resources

- Mature, respectful pilots. Asshats not needed.

If you are interested, please stop by our public channel HSFRS Public or contact Brazen Hawk, Pbass, or Fiery Seraph Amelana in game for more information.

- Pounding holes is our business!


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