Infinity Engine

We are a laid back wormhole corp looking for pilots young and old. Currently living in a C5 no effect system with a C4 static connection. 

Currently focusing on PVE and industry side of things, but we take all PVP that comes.

Join INFEN Pub in game to learn more

About us:
- C5 WH system with C4 static
- 15% tax from sites
- Focus on armor fleets

What We Offer:
- small/medium gang fleets
- Friendly atmosphere and helpful pilots
- Discord (communications and pings)
- Ability to run C4 or C5 sites - capital ship optional
- Huff a lot of gas and the ability to harvest all minerals
- PI that can make everything
- Cloaky wormhole hunting
- Siggy wormhole chain mapping
- Citadel access, to keep everyone ships safer

- Discord

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