Imperial Mining Incorporated


We are Imperial Mining Incorporated, we are a proud member of the BlackRose Alliance and have NullSec and HighSec holdings. 

This corp is great for you if you have a love for mining, trade or industry but do not shy away when duty calls. We currently have a Buyback and Production program to support isk gains and organize corporate production into a well oiled machine. We also are proud to host a security team which supports our mining operations to help keep the peace. 

Here at IM:I no big decision is made without consulting you. As a corp we put our corp member's interests first and have no shortage of opportunity for you to excel in the areas of the game you love.
Application Form
How long you been playing EVE Online?
What are your in game Goals?
How many total Skillpoints do you have?
Why would you like to join Imperial Mining Incorporated
Do you have an issue with being on comms?
Could you see yourself leading Corporation Operations? [Mining. PVE or PVP]

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