Inter Squad

Welcome to Intersquad. Home of the EVEry Ship Challenge. We aim to grow our corp into a social casual PvP corp.

Constantly improving, we are continually looking for opportunities to grow as players and a corp. If you want to be in a place where your voice and opinion will matter, where you can learn and experience all types of pvp, or just mine and build and do industry to your hearts content. Then Inter Squad can take you there.

PvP has always been important to us. We have fun and try to challenge ourselves as much as possible. Hense the corp wide challenge.

So why should you join us?

We'd like to think of Inter Squad as a family, where every member matters and no one is left behind we also make a point of staying in a position where we cannot be declared war on to help keep you safe, any PVP we do will be on our own terms and not forced upon us.

We share our knowledge and we help each other improve. We make jokes and have fun. We win together and we lose together.

What we can offer:

-Currently small sized corp (but with intent to keep growing), where you can get to know everyone and feel like your voice matters, almost like we were a family.

-Enjoy flying with elite pvp players as well as the casual bunch.

-Experienced players, that can help you get settled or answer any questions you *might* have.

-Understanding that real life comes first. Eve is a game that should be enjoyable and you are not required to be online a certain amount.

-Right now due to small size we are small but we will grow to cover all timezones. All are welcome.

What we need from you for a successful application:

Full ESI access of your main and any alts you want to join.

Be nice to everyone and act like an adult (you do not have to be one, just *act* like one). Many of us are professionals in rl and have families.

Be active and engaging, contribute to the corp in any way you can. Help out new players, achieve goals, etc. We believe the corp is for the members, not the members for the corp.

How can you find us?

Come on by our channel in game "ISQ Pub" 

What is required of me?
Submit to a PARCIAL ESI - This is literally to allow our discord bot to monitor kills and losses. We don't care about anything else.
No minimum Skill Point requirement.
Fill out the application below.
Application Form
We appreciate a good laugh, please share something you find funny.
Do you agree to leave all politics both EVE and Real World at the door when joining?
We are a casual PVP corp, we operate under an ever On-Going challenge which leads to a lot of solo PVP? Is this okay for you?

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