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0.0 Space!!!Sov Holding !!!Low Corp Tax!!!

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We are looking for members that want a place to do what they want to do. Having a good time is the first priority. Most of us are in our mid to late 20’s-30’s. We help our corpies grow! Free Capital Skill Books for any corp member. Capital Ship Program for active corp members as well.
Just The Tip… Guristas and Drone Space. We own Sov in multiple Regions with great negative True Sec.

100% SRP Period!

We help Corp Members get into Capitals and Marauders or any other ship of their Choice!

Best Opportunities Offered In the Entire Galaxy!Great PVP Small Gang and Large ScaleWe are looking for Pilots that like to rat and run anomalies!!!We are looking for Pilots that like to make Isk, build. rat, Blow stuff Up.We have a very tight group of core players and are looking to add to that group.Just The Tip has a variety of activities such as PvP with no CTAS, Dead end Systems for prime anomaly running along with multiple systems that are maxed upgraded for Anomalies and Mining.We also show pilots how to run DED sites and anomalies such as 6/10’s 8/10’s or 10/10’s as effectively as possible. We show pilots how to absolutely maximize their Isk making abilities.Low Sec Incursion RunningWormhole Activities

Just The Tip… Pull Out Kings

For pilots that are more industrial we have programs with multiple BPO’s/BPC’s to either build mods , ships or Capital Parts, Supers. MOON MINING! Own your own Moon! We also run a mineral buy back program, and run full boosts for mining fleets. Along with someone to clear rats.

Any Pilots in Just The Tip… Also gets access to our jump freighter service. We jump faction items, Ships, minerals, or entire shopping lists.

We also jump down new pilots stuff so they do not need to worry about how they get their stuff to 0.0.
We have a great market where we live so you do not have to go multiple jumps to find fittings for the ship you are trying to fit.

We offer a full SRP 100% program. Our belief for SRP is that to truly call it ship replacement you should be able to fully replace your ship!

We have multiple programs for the Corp to buy its members Capital Ship Books, get pilots into Faction Battleships, T3 Cruisers and Capitals.

There are so many opportunities in this game if you are looking for a Corp to achieve those goals this is the place.
Just The Tip also has FC Training, PvP Training, Capital training if your a Salty Vet or a new bro ready for 0.0 but this is your first time around you have found what your looking for!

Join channel Just The Tip Recruitment You can also Invite these characters to a convo or eve mail to Ta LaLa , Brutefighter, Blak Cobra, Fire Bringer Brisinger


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