Krabber Exploration

A small C4 wormhole group that is looking for new members.We are focused on PVE content to pay the bills and PVP to get the blood pumping.  New bro friendly, we can help teach you the ropes of wormhole life. We offer ships for use during fleets and for scanning/hacking or gas harvesting. We do not currently have an ore buy back policy but will provide free shipping back to a trade hub in most cases.Due to the difficulty of PVE content in a C4 there may be a little more leg work in getting suitable PVE content for new players. As such it is highly recommended that pilots are able to use battle cruisers and medium drones. For C4+ level PVE content it is recommended that pilots be able to fly a battleship and use heavy drones. We will try to incorporate remote logistics into our PVE fleets to help teach the basics of spider tanking, this will require remote shield and capacitor skills.  Apply

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