Kuniyoshi Tech

Kuniyoshi Technologies [UEE strictly aligned]

Hello dear reader and welcome to Kuniyoshi Technologies.

We are proud to offer you, and to the most possible people,
valuable high quality services with affordable taxes.

Kind Regards,
Chan Kuniyoshi

Kuniyoshi Tech

Mainly research and production and could sometimes living in wormholes (requires pvp experience/skills for defensive purpose).

Searching for adult, matures but friendly/good people searching for team playing.

Good intentions/ideas are welcome, but caliph instead of the caliph people will not be welcomed.

Requirements :
  - 25+
  - 6.000.000 SP
  - French speaking
  - English speaking (sometimes)

Please take your time to fill in the application form.
We will require you to add all your alts, even if they will not been added to this corporation.

To ensure you are also able to read something, please add the following keyword in your apply request : Jambon. Any apply without this keyword will be rejected.
Application Form
Quel age (IRL) avez vous à ce jour ?
Depuis combien de temps jouez vous à Eve Online ?
Avez vous eu de longues interruptions dans Eve Online ?
Comment avez vous connu cette corp ?
Pourquoi voulez vous venir chez nous ?
Que voudriez vous faire chez nous ?
NRDS / NBSI que pensez vous de ces deux politiques d'engagement ?
Avez vous un avis concernant CODE. ?
Avez vous un avis concernant Goonswarm Federation ?
Avez vous un avis concernant CVA ?
Avez vous connu TCF ?
Dans quelle TimeZone vous situez vous ?

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