Long Haul Industries

Long Haul Industries

Why should you join?

We are an Industry and Mining Corporation operating in .5 space. We have Pve fleets and PvP fleets coming soon.

What we offer:

Moon Mining Weekly

Full Orca Boosts

Ice Mining

Corp Owned stations with rigs

Free mining ships

SKill Reimbursement program

Able to answer questions 24/7

Leadership Roles

Active CEO

Corp Owned BPOs and BPCs

Corp Buyback

What we want from you:

Apply through Eve HR


Who to contact:


GUNT Masterson

Application Form
Why do you want to join LHI?
What timezone are you?
What are your normal play times?
Are you willing to join our Discord
What is your real life job? (Can leave blank)
Are you stupid?

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