Unbound Reborn

Recruitment is currently: Open

While Unbound Reborn [LEUBY] is a corporation in the space of New Eden, it is managed by seasoned and dedicated veterans of the game who are involved in many aspects of the game.
Our primary focuses are small/medium gang pvp, industry, mining, and pve content (such as ratting).

Our home is in V0LTA space as a part of their alliance BLOB.

Looking to the future we accept new players who have a thirst to learn how to play Eve well despite its difficulty and to ensure a strong foundation we welcome returning veterans who are looking for a new home.
We encourage a friendly, open environment where corporation members can feel free to interact and learn from each other.
Working together, we will overcome any challenge laid before us.

What we can offer:

-Enjoy flying with elite pvp players as well as the casual bunch.

-Access to EVE HR (Easy to use Corp Management program hand-coded by our CEO, now boasting 40k+ members)

-Learn the ropes of pvp from experienced pvp pilots.

-Access to almost any PvE aspect of the game: Planetary Interaction, Ratting, Mining, Ice mining, Moon mining, etc.

-Build any type of ships, guns, ammo and see them explode.

-Competitive (and easy, thanks to eve-hr.com) corp buyback and access to our alliance buyback programs.

-Corporation Loyalty Points store, for those that miss Faction Warfare.

-Experienced players, that can help you get settled or answer any questions you *might* have, including "how to apply LEUB ?"

-Opportunity to catch up with your real life, as we just found of its existence as well, and realized it is more important than the game.

-Active members in all time zones, including, but not limited to  - EUTZ, USTZ, and AUTZ (we're not exactly sure what or where AUTZ is, but we got some folks that claim to be living in it).

  • Full ESI access of your main and any alts you want to join.

  • Be nice to everyone and act like an adult (you do not have to be one, just *act* like one). Many of us are professionals in rl and have families.

  • Be active and engaging, contribute to the corp in any way you can. Help out new players, achieve goals, etc. We believe the corp is for the members, not the members for the corp.

If you would like to talk to a recruiter, join our discord UNDBOUND and type !apply.

Application Form
How long have you played Eve Online?
What aspect of Eve do you enjoy the most?
Discord Username (With Id #)
What timezone are you in?
What do you want out of this corp?
Have you lived in null before?
Are you able to be on Discord?
Are you a spy?

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