Industrial Mining and Mayhem

Please apply here in auth to join IMM.

Yes, we require access to your ESI.

What is ESI you ask?  Some reading here https://www.eveonline.com/article/introducing-esi

More reading here https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/518290/

What can IMM see on your account via ESI?
- What corporations you've been in already and who your existing circle of friends in-game is.
- What you've been purchasing on the market in game and what your assets are in-game.
- Where you've been in game and what you've been up to.
- How much liquid ISK you have available.
- What your current skill training queue looks like, and what skills you've already trained.
- Who your alts are.
- What ships you can fly.

What CANT IMM see on your account via ESI?
- Your real name, real life contact info, email address, etc.
- Your EVE payment info.
- Any actual EVE account information.

What can IMM change on my EVE account?
- Nothing.  Our auth ESI connection is read-only, and only limited to API calls about your in-game character for background checks.

How does this benefit ME?
- ESI allows us to track you during fleet ops to give you credit for fleet participation.
- ESI facilitates SRP (Ship Replacement Program) wherein IMM reimburses you for ships lost in combat under certain circumstances.
- Ore buyback programs run by the corp to help you sell your mined ore, if you'd like to avoid working the market yourself.
- ESI makes it much easier to pay your mining taxes, though we currently do not tax members.  This may change in the event of a costly war.
- Logistics and freight programs for freight contracts in corp and freight collateral.

"I still think this is strange, why does IMM need my ESI?"  Well, just like every other corp worth its salt in game - you're going to have issues being trusted / being recruited unless we can see what you've been up to via ESI.  Some corps may refer to it as your "in game background check".

"I don't want to enter in my EVE password on this site"  You're not entering your account details on this site.  You're being redirected to CCP secure login for single signon so that we can verify via SAML assertion.

"I don't want to do ESI though" - Bummer.

Application Form
How long have you been playing EVE?
Why would you like to join IMM?
How many hours do you usually play EVE per week?
What time (EVE server time) are you usually online?

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